Official-Mayor Yenni OfficialMichael S. Yenni was sworn into office on July 1, 2010 as the 21st  Mayor of Kenner with high priorities to revitalize Kenner’s economic environment and enhance quality of life. He immediately hit the ground running by continuing and implementing strategies to improve all aspects of public service.

 After just two years in office, Mayor Yenni has significantly cut government spending and reformed budget practices in the City of Kenner. He made significant budget cuts totaling $8 million over the past four years and 129 positions have been eliminated. To ensure available funding, he has continued to cut his own salary as well.

 Infrastructure enhancement and corridor redevelopment has been prominent throughout Kenner under Mayor Yenni’s administration. Several projects have been completed and are underway that include street panel replacement, drainage improvements, pedestrian safety measures, signal light evaluation and signage replacement. As a result of Mayor Yenni and his administration’s perseverance, most of these projects are funded with substantial funds from entities   such   as   the   Federal   Highway   Administration,   the   Louisiana   Department   of Transportation and Development, the Regional Planning Commission, the Federal Transit Authority and the Parish of Jefferson. Kenner has been selected to receive $27 million from the Paths to Progress Program for repairs to roadway segments throughout the city.


Mayor Yenni has also ensured that Kenner’s $80 million corrective action plan for its sewerage system overhaul moves forward at a steady pace. The plan is 50% complete and his administration  has  received  approval  for  another  $21  million  loan  from  the  Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. A total of $59 million in funding has been successfully secured for this initiative.


Focus on certified flood and levee protection is also a priority for Mayor Yenni. Kenner’s levees are near completion of the 100 Year Flood Protection Program due to the collaborative relationship between the Mayor’s Office, Public Works, and the East Jefferson Levee District and the Corp of Engineers.


Mayor Yenni’s concentration on economic development has brought many new businesses to the Kenner area, creating jobs and revenue. Strong relationships with organizations such as JEDCO has brought a Target store to Kenner, a stadium theatre, which is scheduled for completion next year, and several other new businesses. Coconut Beach Volleyball complex has also made Kenner its new home and Mayor Yenni has enthusiastically worked to ensure their success and transition.




Mayor  Yenni’s  Economic  Development  Committee  continues  to  develop  objectives  and propel Kenner forward. Kenner 2030, the City’s “Plan for a Prosperous Future,” has been completed and contains action items that Mayor Yenni and his administration will strive to fulfill in an effort to continue economic growth.


Quality  of  Life  is  improving  rapidly  under  Mayor  Yenni’s  administration  as  Kenner  has received approval for its first charter school which will open for the 2013-2014 school year. In addition,  Rivertown  has  been  revitalized  by  events  such  as  Deutsches  Haus  Oktoberfest, Kenner’s Christmas Village, Kenner’s Movies in the Park and Kenner’s Music in the Park. Grant funding has allowed for significant improvements both to Rivertown and Kenner’s recreational facilities.


Mayor Yenni’s priorities adhere to his philosophy that Kenner’s greatest days are yet to come and together, we must work together for a common purpose…to ensure the City of Kenner remains a community of choice.


Mike’s youth was deeply rooted in public service. His grandfather, Joseph S. Yenni, was a beloved Mayor of Kenner, Jefferson Parish President and community leader. Mike’s uncle, Michael J. Yenni, followed in his father’s footsteps and served as Jefferson Parish President as well. With both men serving as strong role models, Mike began a public service career early in life. At age 15, he volunteered to assist Mr. Mardi Gras of Jefferson Parish, Mr. Henry Trapani, Director of the Jefferson Parish Citizens Affairs Office. Years later, he became Director of this department   himself   and   maintained   that   position   until   moving   on   to   serve  as   Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Kenner for four years under former Mayor Ed Muniz.


Mike was born June 15, 1976 and was raised in the city of Kenner where he still resides. He attended Jesuit High School and received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Southeastern Louisiana University. Mike is a proud member of the United States Naval Reserve and holds the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Public Affairs Community. Mike resides at

15 Rue St. Louis in Kenner with his wife, Michelle Swanner Yenni, daughter, Reagan Swanner

Yenni, born August 12, 2013, and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bella.