Federal: A new federal law beginning in 2031 requires all new vehicles to average 38 mpg.
The Institute for Business & Home Safety rated Louisiana as one of the most improved states in America for resilience against extreme
weather due to new construction codes.

State: The US Supreme Court ordered La. to hold this fall’s congressional elections using the two Black majority districts instead
of just the one.

The 2024 State Legislature has concluded with a budget spending plan of $717 Million for construction projects throughout the state.
The Governor has already signed over 400 bills that passed in the 2024 Regular session. Here are a few:

The sale of nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is banned.

Persons are not allowed to walk within 25 feet of police while they’re engaged in law enforcement duties.

Restaurants will be required to say explicitly whether their seafood is from the US and wholesalers and distributors cannot use misleading packaging and labels on foreign seafood.

The Education Savings account is set to give all La. school children $ for private school tuition, tutoring and uniforms. The BESE board
will decide when and how much $ will be given to individual families.

All public universities and K12 schools will display the Ten Commandments in every classroom .

Transgender persons are banned from using school restrooms and locker rooms that align with their gender identity. 
Banned talk of sexuality and gender in classrooms and at extracurricular clubs.
School employees cannot be punished for calling a student by their biological name or pronoun; and students must have parental
permission to change their name or pronoun in school.

The Fortified Roof Program has been extended for another year giving $10,000 grants for the roof.

The “3year rule” will phase out barring insurers from dropping policyholders if they had been a customer for 3 years.

Homeowners insurers will have more time to pay on claims and given a “cure period” to resolve issues.

Insurers can increase rates without prior Insurance Dept. approval.

New limits on hempderived THC products; bans gas stations from selling the products, and limits bars and restaurants selling THC
infused beverages.

Two abortion inducing medications will be classified as dangerous controlled substances.

Insurers must cover certain prescribed drugs for postpartum depression.

Local govts. Can withhold records related to certain economic developments and only La. residents can request public records from
the governors office.

Local police can detain people suspected of entering the US illegally.

All revenues earned from alternative energy projects located in federal waters of La. go to coastal protection.

A judge can sentence sex offenders to be surgically castrated if the victim is under 13yearsold.

Panhandling is banned on public streets and some sidewalks.
Eliminates state requirements that 16 and 17yearolds receive a 20minute lunch break when working 5 or more hours.
However, the Governor did not get enough support for a constitutional convention. That may gain support for later this

In Jefferson Parish: The JP School Board signed off on a permanent $2,500 certified teacher pay raise, $2,000 for noncertified teachers,
and a $500 raise for staff and bus drivers. This is in addition to the 2024state budget approval of a $2,000 stipend for teachers and a
$1,000 stipend for school staff.

The Esplanade Mall is back up for sale after its mixeduse development plans failed.

Other news: Plaquemines Parish is pushing for an alternative to the MidBarataria Sediment Diversion plan for coastal restoration.

And, Breeze Airlines is celebrating its 3 years in the New Orleans market with 33% off all New Orleans roundtrip fares through October 1, 2024